Speed Up Data Center Graphics with the New NVIDIA Tesla V100s

Speed Up Data Center Graphics with the New NVIDIA Tesla V100s

NVIDIA’s most premium data center graphics card is now getting an upgrade. Previously, the Tesla V100 was the world’s most advanced data center graphics card, powered by the Volta architecture, coming in 16 and 32GB configurations, and offering performance of up to 100 CPUs in a single GPU.

Introducing the Tesla V100s

The brand new NVIDIA Tesla V100s is also based on the Volta microarchitecture similar to its predecessor, however packs more performance than both variants of the V100, which is attributed to the higher core clock speeds. The Tesla V100s only comes in the PCIe form factor but delivers higher clocks than the 300W Tesla V100 SMX2 (NVLink) solution.  It comes with a GPU clock speed of 1601 MHz compared to 1533 MHz on the SMX2 variant and also offers higher 1.1 Gbps frequencies for the HBM2 DRAM. The combined boost to memory and graphics clocks make this Tesla variant the fastest HPC & server aimed graphics solution.

NVIDIA Tesla V100s vs. Tesla V100 Specs

Tesla V100s PCIe Tesla V100 SXM2 Tesla V100 PCIe
Architecture (GPU) Volta (GV100) Volta (GV100) Volta (GV100)
CUDA Cores 5,120 5,120 5,120
Tensor Cores 640 640 640
Double-Precision Performance 8.2 TFLOPs 7.8 TFLOPs 7 TFLOPs
Single-Precision Performance 16.4 TFLOPs 15.7 TFLOPs 14 TFLOPs
Tensor Performance 130 TFLOPs 125 TFLOPs 112 TFLOPs
Texture Units 320 320 320
Interconnect Bandwidth 32 GBps 300 GBps 32 GBps
Memory Capacity 32GB HBM2 16GB / 32GB HBM2 16GB / 32GB HBM2
Memory Bus 4,096-bit 4,096-bit 4,096-bit
Memory Bandwidth 1,134 GBps 900 GBps 900 GBps
ROPs 128 128 128
L2 Cache 6MB 6MB 6MB
TDP 250W 300W 250W
Transistor Count 21.1 billion 21.1 billion 21.1 billion
Die Size 815 mm² 815 mm² 815 mm²

Final Thoughts

  • About a 17% increase in compute performance from the Tesla V100s
  • Tesla V100s is able to deliver a theoretical FP32 compute performance 16.4 TFLOPs, FP64 compute performance of 8.2
  • Pumps out over 1 Terabyte of memory bandwidth (1134GB/s) versus 900GB per second bandwidth of the Tesla V100
  • Comes in a 250W design

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